2020 - 2021
Post General and Command Policy Orders
General Order No.1 (Duly Elected and Installed)
Command Policy Order 20-11-01 (Handling of Correspondence)
Command Policy Order 20-11-02 (Maintaining of Books and Records QM)
Command Policy Order 20-11-03 (Maintaining of Books and Records CDR)
Command Policy Order 20-12-04 (Commemorative Dates)
Command Policy Order 20-12-14 (Post Business to Officers and Employees)
Note that General Orders are to be read at a regular meeting and filed with Post records. This information is for all members. Click the General Order title to download.
District Special Orders
Department of South Carolina
Special Orders

National General Orders
  1. General Order #1 - July 2020
  2. Adjutant General Memo - July 2020
  3. General Order #2 - August 2020
  4. General Order #3 - October 2020
  5. General Order #4 - October 2020