All-American Eligibility Dashboard

What is it? The All-American Eligible Dashboard is the reporting tool developed by VFW Programs to make it easier to capture and report activities related to All-American eligibility.  The Department Commander will also use the dashboard to determine eligibility to Department level membership programs such as the Centennial and All State Teams.

Responsibility - The Post, District and Department Adjutants have the responsibility to enter, review and approve all activities related to All American eligibility into the dashboard such as VOD and Patriots Pen participation.  Program chairmen are responsible for reporting participation to the adjutants.   

Access and Roles - Access to the Dashboard is defined by the Post, District, Department Election Report.

  • VFW Members can use the dashboard to view All-American status at various levels (Post, District, Department).
  • Post Adjutants enter participation reports from the information provided by various Post Program Chairmen (VOD, Patriots Pen, etc..)
  • District and Department Adjutants are responsible for approving / rejecting reports entered by lower level adjutants. For example, the District Adjutant is expected to review activity reported the the Post Adjutants within the District. The Department Adjutant is expected to review the activity approved by the District Adjutants.

Where is it?  The dashboard is published in the Online Membership System (OMS) on the VFW National website at

Learn more - Watch these videos and download the detailed instructions attached below.