As you may know, our aging building is in desperate need of modern upgrades crucial to current and future generations of our veterans and guests.  With your help, we can Bring Back the Post!

With your help, our Bring Back the Post program can complete several projects such as parking lot repairs, major plumbing repairs, restroom renovations, new flooring and floor repairs, exterior upgrades, and other projects with exorbitant costs. 

Our post has so much to be proud of; we have one of the largest memberships of any post in the state.  We’ve awarded local students and teachers, aided the local homeless population, donated several thousand dollars to veterans and family relief, and given support to convalescing veterans at local hospitals for many years.  However, our mission is jeopardized by a facility which has deteriorated over many years of use. 

Your donation will go directly toward repairing and renovating our Post home.  Thank you for your dedicated service, your generous donation, and for helping to Bring Back the Post! - Click here